Wednesday photo: Chicken words

While flipping through the dictionary last night I found two new-to-me and exciting words about chickens: kukekela and kelukelwane

Kukekela means to cackle, specifically the noise a hen makes after laying an egg. I know from living with so many chickens how in-depth this song can be. 

A kelukelwane is a bird without feathers on its neck. I thought something was wrong with my family’s chickens when I first saw their hairless necks, but I know now that they are a normal, traditional variety. I even have a few like this. 


Of all my chickens, this bare-necked rooster may love me the most.


Thandi’s day old babies. You can see the bare neck of the baby on the right.


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2 Responses to Wednesday photo: Chicken words

  1. Susan Kemp says:

    I will miss your chicken updates when you move to the city.

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