Gratitude: Work to do

I was worried I would have a hard time filling my last few weeks at site; instead, the opposite is happening. I have a variety of paperwork and projects to tie up before I move, plus I am leading the planning of a large Independence Day celebration, and all these things are becoming a daunting task.

I am grateful for work, a desk, and a functioning computer, and the relatively reliable electricity on my homestead.

I am grateful to have the money for the fabric and jacket shopping I did over the weekend for future outfits.

I am grateful for having the chance to say goodbye to departing Peace Corps friends who are departing on their own schedules. PCVs in both South Africa and Mozambique have recently had their service prematurely ended due to internal, political conflict. Let eSwatini stay peaceful as November elections quickly approach.

I am grateful for the upcoming work changes and I hope for a smooth transition from life in the community to life in town.

Baking for the week

  • Lemon muffins with a crumb topping and lemon glaze.
  • Lemon cake with raspberry filling.

Media for the week

  • I have been watching two episodes of Avatar daily with my kids.
  • I watched Madagascar with my littlest bhuti who was visiting.
  • I watched Lady Bird.
  • I finished Blue Highways: A Journey into America by William Least Heat-Moon. This was a beautiful depiction of the back roads of America. I appreciate the author’s beliefs and quest for answers about history. I even learned where Salem, Ohio, got its name: from Zadock Street, a New Jerseyan who moved west from Salem, New Jersey, and created Salem, Ohio; Salem, Indiana; and Salem, Iowa.
  • I have been listening to Swazi, Nigerian, and South African artists.
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