My most-used items as a PCV in eSwatini

I might not love all of these items enough for them to make it onto my favorite lists (These are a few of my favorite things, These are a few of our favorite things, My favorite items during PST), but that does not make them any less important.

Sorted clothes

I packed a lot. I do not regret being unable to carry everything well without assistance.

Below are lists of items that I use every day, when I travel or leave the house, items that are fun, and a few extra items I did not use but you might. These are items that Peace Corps did not provide to us. Those can be found here: What Peace Corps gives us.

I noted brands for a few items and if that company offers a pro deal/discount to PCVs. I recommend the bigger ticket items (electronics) be purchased in America. You can find almost anything you could want in Eswatini. It might be hard to find, or cost a lot, but you can find it. I suggest that most kitchenware be purchased here if you want more than Peace Corps provides. I could have saved money if I had done that.

Daily items

  • Headlamp with rechargeable batteries (Black Diamond head lamp with Energizer batteries)
  • Indoor/outdoor thermometer and clock (LL Bean)
  • Outdoor sandals (Teva, gives PCVs a discount)
  • Indoor flip flops (Eddie Bauer)
  • Bike shorts or leggings (I always wear something under my skirts)
  • Plastic silverware, plates, and dishes
  • Water bottle
  • Weekly pill holder
  • Smart phone
  • Pitcher for pouring water
  • Clothes pins (not just for hanging wet clothes, but also for closing food bags and displaying photos)
  • Food storage containers (bring a few to get you by until you amass a collection of yogurt and peanut butter containers)
  • Sleeping bag in winter
  • Fleece in winter
  • Slippers in winter
  • Fan in summer (I bought an oscillating fan here, and brought a small, rechargeable one from Goal Zero)

Preparing food

  • Plastic cutting boards
  • Pairing knife (definitely bring a good knife from the U.S.!)
  • Non-stick skillet
  • Plastic spatula/turner
  • Kitchenaid plastic spatula for baking
  • Refrigerator
  • Stoven (like a toaster oven but with burners on top stove + oven = stoven)

When I leave the house for work or travel


You need to be able to carry all the things. Thanks GHSP for the hand-me-downs!

  • Backpack
  • Reusable shopping bag
  • Big shopping bag to carry lots of purchases at one time (LL Bean)
  • Clothes pouch (Eagle Creek, gives PCVs a discount)
  • Tent (I had one I could bring for free, and it saves you a lot of money when going to Bushfire or Hlane; I don’t know if the PCVs who bought tents specifically for their service were happy with the purchase)

For fun

  • Kindle (PC Eswatini gives us one)
  • Flash drives/hard drive for media and saving work
  • Computer

Just because I didn’t need these every day doesn’t mean you won’t

  • Solar charger/solar powered lights (Some sites in Eswatini do not have electricity)
  • Dress shoes (these were my first purchase after moving to town for my extension)



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4 Responses to My most-used items as a PCV in eSwatini

  1. Oh you carry a lot!

  2. Packing cubes are amazing and I still use them even after COS, it’s how I organize my suitcases now. I’m never going back to the way I did it before.

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