Wednesday photo: Delayed mail

Every so often it takes four to six months for a letter to arrive from the U.S. in my mailbox. 

I had a delayed package a year-and-a-half ago. It was held up by the post office saying the customs sheet was missing (it wasn’t). 

But the most recently delayed mail takes the cake. My mom mailed it in the middle of March and it finally went through an inspection on Sept. 4 and I picked it up last week. 

It included my Easter candy: a peanut-butter-filled chocolate dinosaur. It’s a tradition. 

It no longer looked like a dinosaur though, after six months of travel. 


It still tasted ok, though.

Fortunately, Peace Corps helps us out by collecting our mail and trying to find missing packages.  

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2 Responses to Wednesday photo: Delayed mail

  1. Susan Kemp says:

    Had the box been opened, Alison? Were there Girl Scout cookies too?

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