Wednesday photo: Learning to bead

One of the PCVs from my cohort learned to bead from one of her community members. I was oblivious to this for way too long considering this now RPCV was my closest neighbor. 

By the time I learned about her skills when she was offering training sessions, I wasn’t able to attend. Fortunately, about a month ago I was able to learn from another PCV who learned from her. 

Three-dimensional art has always been an interest of mine, so finally getting to learn this traditional skill was really exciting. 

I picked up the patterns pretty easily and completed my first necklace about two weeks ago. I was on such a roll when making it that I added too many rows without noticing and had to take about an inch off. 

I have one more lesson scheduled before I am confident to start teaching others. 

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1 Response to Wednesday photo: Learning to bead

  1. Mary Waters says:

    So pretty

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