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There’s another Alison out there, and I get her emails all the time

For years I have received the emails of an Alison from the UK with the same last name as me. Her email address is slightly different from mine, and some email systems do not recognize the difference, which means her … Continue reading

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Wednesday photo: Mbabane bus rank

I walk past or through the bus rank here frequently as I go shopping. It can get busy, and transport drivers do many unpredictable things while driving. I stopped to take this aerial photo from the stairs outside the second … Continue reading

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Tips to plan a trip for your parents to visit eSwatini and Southern Africa

Have your parents started asking about visiting you in eSwatini? Or maybe you have started asking them? Have no fear! I judiciously planned the use of all my vacation days, including for when my parents visited me in eSwatini. I … Continue reading

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Wednesday photo: Mail

I was surprised to see three envelopes from my mom in my mailbox today. It had been only two weeks since last checking. Then I checked the postmarks: June 2018, August 2018, and February 2019. I’m not even surprised any … Continue reading

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