There’s another Alison out there, and I get her emails all the time

For years I have received the emails of an Alison from the UK with the same last name as me. Her email address is slightly different from mine, and some email systems do not recognize the difference, which means her emails come to me.

Over the years I have learned all kinds of things about her, received her travel documents, been invited on trips, been informed of deaths, received family updates, and a myriad of other things. I think the best email of hers I have received was when she took a course on how to use a wheelchair as a member of the city council. My best responses definitely follow the vacation emails. I respond when I can, sometimes in humor while thanking the sender for the invitation, and sometimes just to let the sender know about the mistake.

In the last couple of weeks the English Alison signed up for UK’s eBay and started purchasing a Playstation2 and a plethora of games. The first one is being delivered today! I wonder if it is her husband, her son, her daughter, or herself who is the new owner of a used Playstation2.

Other Alison

Some of the games purchased this week.

It’s been too many years to keep this topic to myself and these eBay purchases were finally the perfect thing to post about.

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