Wednesday photo: A new beading project

Last night I started a new beading project to match a new shirt that I will wear at Bushfire. The music festival is the place where the PCVs all dress up to the nines, and it will be a great place to show off my jewelry.

All my supplies spread out to help me choose colors and a design.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make, and I considered a few patterns from my Zulu beading design book. Ultimately I chose a purportedly-African pattern and switched the three colors to match my shirt.

Of course, the pattern was made with a stitch I haven’t yet learned. I guessed correctly, and started learning even-count peyote. Between a video of the stitch and a document on how to read an even-count peyote pattern, I got started. Except after my first row I realized my pattern wasn’t even-count, but rather odd-count. So I learned the odd-count stitch, which is a bit trickier. The first few rows are a pain, but once I got going, it is quite easy.

The remaining problem will be if I can make enough time in my schedule to finish this before May 25th. Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to Wednesday photo: A new beading project

  1. Mary Waters says:

    Good luck! I can’t wait to see a picture of the finished piece.

  2. DuchessofNewOrleans says:

    Watch out! Pretty soon you will empty every container to put your beads and supplies in. I have about 50lbs of beads. Probably 20 books, and tools to deal with. I REALLY love beading. Now I’m collecting material for soutach. God help me! Plus I’m hunting for a reasonably priced Japanese Knot Book. The one I want is $90+. Good luck. Take out one day at a time.💜

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