Wednesday photo: Bananas

My neighbor and I realized late into our stay at our apartment complex that the plentiful fruit growing here was ours for the taking. There’s avocado, banana, guava, orange, lemon, and mango trees.

We did a bit of research to know how and which bananas to cut, and we returned home with 60 unripe bananas.

We thought they would ripen at different times, but there wasn’t much time in between the ripe hands. We pretty much had 60 ripe bananas at once.

We needed some help eating them, but we managed to get through all the bananas is about one week. They were delicious!

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1 Response to Wednesday photo: Bananas

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m so jealous of the fresh fruit that you get to harvest. That’s awesome, and a great learning experience to see when and how to harvest. Enjoy your fruits!

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