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Reflections on life after a year as a PCV in Swaziland

I wasn’t sure that I was going to write something in honor of being in Swaziland for one year until I sat down and the words came out of my fingers. Why have a countdown when I am content and … Continue reading

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Upholding the meaning of my first name

Swazi first names are drenched in meaning, telling a story about their family, birth, or hopes for the child. I have come to love this because American names sometimes come from relatives but usually come down to being liked by … Continue reading

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Home for the holidays and advice on the Peace Corps life

I have lived far from my parents for many years. I went to university three hours away from my hometown. I studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria, twice, which included a summer program and a full school-year. My first job after … Continue reading

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Wednesday photo: Umhlanga

The Reed Dance, Swaziland’s most famous cultural event, is a week-long celebration of young females, called flowers. This year there were 98,000 participants, about 1/12 of the country’s population. Any female up to the age of about 22 can participate … Continue reading

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