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Catching up with Cedric

Many of my travels in the last year have not been Cedric the gnome friendly. I can’t really say, hey lion, let me pose my gnome with you. This has led to a lack of Cedric adventures, plus he was … Continue reading

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A Colorado round-up

It’s always sad coming home from a trip, not only because I love traveling and seeing and doing new things, but because these trips are the only times I get to see my boyfriend. Going to Colorado was special because … Continue reading

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Wednesday photo: Garden gnomes at Mirabell Gardens

When visiting Salzburg, these garden gnomes are an oddity you can’t miss. Some are made to resemble someone, like Napoleon, and some are missing. There’s at least two separated from the group in a yard on Giselakai on the east … Continue reading

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Postcard arrival: North Carolina, Czech Republic

A lot of postcards have come trickling in the past couple of days at my apartment. I thoroughly love getting real mail, rather than the junk I so often receive. I am quite thrilled with both of the postcards I … Continue reading

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Close encounters with the Pacific Ocean

I met the Pacific Ocean for the first time last month. I saw it a day after I arrived in San Francisco, but it was a couple of days later before I got to touch it. Jon and I were … Continue reading

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Memories of spring in Europe

A month ago I posted my Notes on Croatia, a list of memories from my long weekend there. Finally, a month after my spring fling in Europe, I’ve gathered my notes into something respectable enough to post here. I wanted … Continue reading

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My Gartenzwerg-Tour, or my hunt for a garden gnome

I thought that in Salzburg, one would be able to easily find a garden gnome. This was definitely not the case. I guess I was a bit mixed up about my shopping expectations. I thought I would need to try … Continue reading

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