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So much food and so little time

When I went on home leave in December and January, sure there were people to see and things to do, but my longest list was of food to eat. I started working on this list months in advance—I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Reflections on life after a year as a PCV in Swaziland

I wasn’t sure that I was going to write something in honor of being in Swaziland for one year until I sat down and the words came out of my fingers. Why have a countdown when I am content and … Continue reading

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Home for the holidays and advice on the Peace Corps life

I have lived far from my parents for many years. I went to university three hours away from my hometown. I studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria, twice, which included a summer program and a full school-year. My first job after … Continue reading

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My permanent home in Swaziland

My permanent home in Swaziland is located in the Manzini Region, with easy access to transportation, food, and Swaziland’s capitol and biggest cities. I live near the main tourist areas of Swaziland, as well, which just happens to be an … Continue reading

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Wednesday photo: My first Swazi home 

My first home was tiny but cosy. There wasn’t room to unpack, so I continued to live out of my suitcase for another nine weeks. I may have lacked space, but I did have two units with shelves, allowing me … Continue reading

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Heading homeward

I’m heading back to Ohio for a short visit. It will be my first visit since heading west to Utah in October. My family heads to the beach of Lake Erie every July and I couldn’t pass on an opportunity … Continue reading

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The agony of being sick away from home

Since Wednesday night, I haven’t spent more than a few hours each day away from my bed. I can’t eat anything, I can hardly drink anything and I can’t sleep in the afternoon or evening. I can’t even read because … Continue reading

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