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Gratitude for visitors

I am well settled in to my new apartment, and had three PCV visitors over the weekend. The first was for a home-cooked, going-away dinner extravaganza for Aaron. He’s allowed me to crash at his conveniently-located extension home and feasts … Continue reading

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Why I keep returning to Kruger

Sunrise leopards. Hundreds of elephants walking into the sunset. Giraffes manicuring acacia trees. Vultures swarming a kill. Black-maned lions patrolling shoulder to shoulder down the road. A cheetah scanning the plains from her perch on a fallen tree. Kruger National … Continue reading

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Wednesday photo: Rhino encounter

We spent hours looking for rhinos in Imfolozi in Kwa Zulu-Natal and finally found two a short distance from the car. At that moment, none of us were expecting our second rhino encounter to be so spectacular. We saw so … Continue reading

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Rhinos at Hlane Royal National Park

We were setting up our tent when we heard there were rhinos at the watering hole. We packed up as fast as possible to see the rhino. I had seen one rhino before at Nakuru National Park in Kenya. It … Continue reading

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Wednesday photo: Rhinos

Rhinos. Bobejane. One of the animals I saw in Kenya from very far away, but today that changed.     I’m at Hlane Royal National Park. As a volunteer, I am allowed just one night away from my site per month … Continue reading

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