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Wednesday photo: Permagardening

I have been so excited about gardening since I arrived in Swaziland. I asked for a garden at my permanent site, and boy, did Peace Corps deliver! I have about 30 fruit trees (mango, peach, banana, lemon, grape, papaya, and litchee), corn fields, … Continue reading

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My favorite items during PST

Everyone who knows me knows that I like to be prepared. I scoured PCV blogs for months looking for items other Volunteers found useful. Sometimes Volunteers would update packing lists for the next-arriving cohort, and sometimes I could find lists … Continue reading

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Leaving the USA

I woke up on the bus to JFK as we passed the Brooklyn Bridge and dawn was breaking. We have been at the airport since 5 a.m. and our flight leaves at 11:15 a.m.  It finally feels real.  Staging was … Continue reading

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Q&A Session: Pre-Departure

As I have been preparing for my departure to Swaziland, I have been asked many questions about my future with the Peace Corps. I will provide below many of these questions and their answers so that you too can know … Continue reading

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