How I spent April’s Swaziland PCV stipend

The month of April’s spending was a bit more complicated than March’s. 

I made three trips to the office for the SOJO and for HIV Boot Camp preparations, which cost me a lot of emalangeni that are not reflected on this sheet because I would be reimbursed for the travel, hostel, and some food costs. With those expenses, plus another E500 in tutor costs that are also reimburseable, I was out more than E1000. This is a monthly occurrence that causes me some stress because I am already trying to live on a small amount of money, and compound that with spending one-third of that stipend up front on reimburseable activities, and it creates a bit of a bind. 

In April, I also went on vacation in Mozambique where I spent plenty of money on food and fabric and other touristy activities. I fit what expenses I could into my monthly totals, but still have a separate travel section. 


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3 Responses to How I spent April’s Swaziland PCV stipend

  1. cwhiteweb says:

    Did you like Mozambique? I hope my homeland is treating you well 😊

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