Wednesday photo: Lost baby chick

A few days ago I heard a chick crying in the yard. I headed outside and found a fresh baby wandering the front yard. I assumed it belonged to the group of babies that just hatched and would eventually be reunited.

It turns out, this baby does not belong to any of our hens. No one knows where it came from. It has cried and cried all day every day. I kept joking about how if I put it in my pocket, I could keep it safe and it would stop crying.

Yesterday operation likhikhi (pocket) commenced and sisi and make caught the baby and we put it in my skirt pocket. It stopped crying.


The chick slept in a box inside last night to keep warm. Sadly, I have not seen or heard it today, which usually means the worst.

*Lost baby chick is still alive! It has many weeks to go before it can sleep outside alone though. 

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