Introducing my parents to Swazi song and dance

For as much as I wanted work experience in Africa, my time as a PCV in Swaziland has largely been spent with me wholeheartedly embracing Swazi culture.

After a few stops on our way to Swaziland from the Johannesburg airport, we started our full day in Swaziland at the Mantenga Cultural Village to tour the village and watch a performance of traditional Swazi songs.

I toured the village and watched the performance a month after arriving in Swaziland and was excited for a second visit. I was looking forward to the songs the most, because I have spent many months now learning traditional Swazi songs for many occasions.

Wedding songs, sibhaca (the male dance), ummiso and ingadla (female dances, with the second being the kicking dance), were performed, along with a song from a sangoma, or traditional healer.

All Swazi songs come with a dance, as well, and the performers were excellent.



Married women dancing in front.


Sibhaca dance.


Ingadla dance.


The sangoma dance.

My parents enjoyed the performance and tour of the village. We followed the outing with chicken dust, which is chicken grilled on the side of the road and it is served with liphalishi (maize porridge similar to mashed potatoes), and then drove to my homestead to meet my family. I had also arranged for two of my bosisi, my tutor, and her sisi to also perform traditional songs for my parents. We had a nice  little show in the front yard.

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2 Responses to Introducing my parents to Swazi song and dance

  1. Interesting to see your photos and read about your experience. I think your parents loved to visit and see all this.

  2. Susan Kemp says:

    We loved the tour and performance at the Cultural Village. But one of the highlights of our trip was the performance of traditional songs and dance by the young girls at your homestead.

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