Postcard arrival: China

After a seemingly long time, I have received my latest postcrossing postcard, a stunning view of Wulingyuan Scenery. This is in southwestern China, near the area of the giant pandas.

China seems like a daunting trip to me, full of a language I don’t know and food I would never choose to eat. But, when I come across things like this postcard, it shows me the beautiful scenery there.

I had another run-in with beautiful Chinese scenery this week in an e-mail from my mother. It was full of pictures of the “Red Land” near Kunming. Here’s a photo from that shows what I’m talking about:

The soil is red due to some chemical reactions, and it looks absolutely stunning. Someday, perhaps, I will become a bit less afraid of China.

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1 Response to Postcard arrival: China

  1. We can go to China together and stay with my new friend Jifei, who will give us a place to stay for free and “make us dishes” and show us around.

    But seriously… you’re right to find China daunting. It totally is.

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