Elephants at Hlane Royal National Park

I could not decide if I wanted to see elephants, white rhinos, or lions the most during my visit to Hlane Royal National Park. We ended up seeing them all with excellent viewing opportunities. I have a new appreciation for lions and rhinos now, but I still love the elephants the most. You can check out my photos of the lions here.

There were no infant elephants in the group we saw during our sunrise game drive, but the males we saw were curious and kept approaching closer and closer to the vehicle as they browsed for food. Eventually, the eldest bull charged us and we reversed real fast.

Yes, an elephant could flip the safari jeep, and yes, our driver said it had happened to him. Now that would be quite the story.








The big bull is stressed from something, which is why he has fluid running down his face.


Apparently we were stressing him. He charged us a few minutes later. We reversed real fast.

If you go:

Transportation from Manzini to Lomahasha or Simunye: E30-E35 (The khumbi will drop you at the gate and it is a short walk to the toll booth and then another short walk to the camp.)

Park entrance fee: E30 per walk in

Campsite per person: E105 (Huts start at about E450 per person sharing.)

Dinner: E100 (We took breakfast and lunch. Braai grates are available.)

Sunrise/sunset game drive: E335

Rhino drive: E240

Bird watching walking tour: E200

Stay tuned for rhino photos in the next few days!

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