A week in the life of a PCV in Swaziland: Wednesday

When thinking about writing about a normal day as a community health PCV in Swaziland, I just laughed. There are no normal days.

I picked a week to report on where I had very little on my calendar to start with, and by the end of the week, I was exhausted from the number of activities that came up. Sometimes, though, the week does not get filled with activities and sometimes I know the week will be extremely busy before it starts.

I will be posting each day this week with the activities I did on the corresponding day a few weeks ago.

Remember that this is only representative of my life. Other PCVs in Swaziland have very different schedules and are working on different projects and activities in their communities. We are supposed to be meeting the needs of our communities, and of course, each of our 70-some communities have different needs, which means we work on different projects across the country.


745: Awake and reading emails and WhatsApp.

800: Make breakfast, sweep, dress, pack a bag for my trip to the umphakatsi.

915: Take a khumbi to the sigayo (mill) and walk up the hill to the umphakatsi for a meeting with my chiefdom’s development committee.

945: We talk about Peace Corps, my role, and the water project they are working on and how they would like funding from a Peace Corps grant.

1030: Walk to the stesh for the khumbi to head to Malkerns to visit the post office, where there was a snake inside. Next I walk to Swazi Can to find out about tours (they are on Thursdays and need to be scheduled in advance).

1330: I arrive home, eat lunch, and watch an Avengers movie with my bhuti who was home from school because he did not feel well.

1600: SiSwati lesson.

1700: I work in my garden. There’s always weeds to pull or something to stake. Then I tell Make that I found where Thandi was hiding her eggs, and she tells me that I should take them all inside, and each morning to put one back in the spot so that the neighbors’ dogs do not eat the eggs.

1815: Play crazy eights with my bhuti.

1845: Reheat leftovers for dinner and watch two episodes of TV.

2130: Bedtime.

Check out Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

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