Wednesday photo: Work

When I returned to work in January, I was hoping for more tasks to keep me busier at work.

I have more or less been slammed and have plenty of responsibilities for the time being, of which I am thankful.

Today I was given an extra task that I truthfully don’t mind doing, except for the fact my boss thought it could be done in a few hours, while it will actually take a few days. So I brought a bit home.

Putting my pharmacy skills to good use: reading poor handwriting and alphabetizing.

We are mapping all of the locations in eSwatini where we distribute condoms… by paper. I actually helped create this form, without knowing how the data would be tabulated, and unfortunately, all the pieces don’t fit together so well.

On the positive side, I have learned a few things that will be good for the creation of future forms, and also a few more of eSwatini’s 58 counties. I don’t know where they fall on the map just yet, but I can recite a good chunk of them.

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1 Response to Wednesday photo: Work

  1. Sue Kemp says:

    That sounds like a challenging project! You are the right person for the job.!

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